Ways To Find a 3some For Singles And Partners

Many people are interested in learning how to find a threesome. The simplest way to do this is to look within the social circle of both parties.

Many times people can ask their friends to take part in sexual activity with them. This is an idea for individuals who were concerned about bringing someone they do not know into their sexual life.

There are risks associated with having friends involved however if an individual is not receptive asking for this type of arrangement can cause problems.

Online threesome dating Sites

Couples looking for women who are more adventurous often choose to look for partners online. There are adult dating personals dedicated to having MMF threesomes and sexual acts involving multiple people.

Signing up for an account with such a web site can be helpful for individuals who are uncomfortable asking people in person if they are interested in taking part in a group sexual activity.

It is a good idea to do a background check on any person who is going to be taking part in this type of activity.
Unfortunately people online are not always honest about their intentions or their reasons for being interested in a group sexual activity. It is always a good idea to have a neutral meeting place for safety reasons.

People also may be interested in creating a meet up group using a group activity web site for sexual partner searches. This is an idea for individuals who are looking for the opportunity to experiment with multiple partners over a range of time.

This idea is helpful for people that want to do a bit of research on an individual before they start talking to them.
Creating a meet up group is a good idea because it allows a person to research the e-mail address and name of an individual before responding to their inquiry.

Newspaper Ads

Another option for how to find a threesome is choosing to use local newspaper classified ads. The majority of newspapers still have a personals section. If your a couple seeking woman you can put an ad in this area of the paper so that you can find people who live nearby more interested in this type of activity.

Placing an ad in the newspaper is an affordable way to find potential threesome partners who are interested in exploring their sexuality.

This is a good way to meet new people because it only requires a person to post an advertisement until they have found a participant who is willing to try out a threesome with them. Couple seeking woman in the local area is easier when using a targeted search.

Adult Stores

People who have an adult store in their town may be able to find potential partners through posting an advertisement at the store.

This is a good idea for individuals who want to avoid rejection. People who go to an adult store are obviously comfortable with their sexual preferences.

These individuals will be receptive to other people who are looking to expand their horizons from a sexual standpoint. Choosing the right kind of store to advertise in can be challenging for people who are nervous.

Speaking with the people that work at the store can also be helpful because word of mouth is a great way to meet potential threesome partners.

There are numerous ways on how to find a threesome you just have to think outside the box a little and be a bit creative with your thinking. In future posts I will tell you how we meet up with women for threesomes regularly.

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The Emotions Behind a High Class Escort

The title is already a contradiction in terms to most people, “The Emotion of High class escorting”.  So perhaps I speak for myself when I say that there is emotion in such a profession.  To the degree that many might need to watch what they wish for; I mean isn’t that what your typical client wants? Clients want companionship with personal involvement and not just a “fly on the wall, can’t wait until this is over, gee I wonder what’s on Fox tonight” sort of approach to each session. (Then again who really cares what’s on Fox?)   In order to provide such a service I’ve often thought that the typical high class escort would have to be pretty crafty or have multiple personalities.  Your typical high class escort would have to be someone that can order up a smile and still remember each and every client name, situation, marital status, personal and sexual preference, cash, credit, charge, paper, plastic, sweet, un-sweet, window, aisle, smoking, non-smoking and any other pertinent information to make the client feel as though they are indeed the only one of importance for that time period.

As I began to ponder that thought and reminisce about each encounter and came to the realization that your “typical high class escort” just won’t cut it. The degree of tact and panache needed to accomplish and maintain a level of integrity cannot be found in your “typical high class escort”.    It takes someone who is willing to be involved not only in his business but also in his clientele.  Any good high class escort will tell you that such involvement is not only necessary but to continue successfully it is unavoidable.  In order to attend to the needs of a repeat clientele one must be counselor, sex therapist, baby sitter, best friend, husband, wife, brother, sister, school boy, “Doctor”, “Big Daddy, TAKE ME HOME!” and anything else requested of them at a moments notice.  The emotions of one’s true being at some point will come into play and the ability to control that in a manner that is appropriate requires a seasoned professional; one seasoned at affairs of the heart and not necessarily affairs of the cock.

Many times the feelings and emotions of clients are in a state that only a licensed professional should be handling and I mean someone with the alphabet after their name not simply phone numbers.  The deplorable emotional state of some (however masked by macho insecurity) makes me wonder “Why me? Don’t I have enough to deal with?”  Bottom line is, if there is not a true nature of caring, a true desire to believe that you are indeed helping someone through a tough time (horny times excluded ) then the drama of such an encounter if experienced repeatedly is enough to erode your self respect and integrity not to mention your patience. Most see what we do as S-E-X alone.  (However what is encountered between two consenting adults is no one’s beeez-wax, ) But aren’t we all men?

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